It seems the underground railroad to freedom has stopped at racial minority, and women’s rights. We as LGBT citizens are equally upset. We as LGBT citizens have been hurt. We are Americans, yet treated as if we are outsiders. We are told we aren’t good enough to legally vow our lives to the person we love, we can’t raise a child, or serve our country to fight for the freedoms we don’t even have. The railroad to freedom has been left on the tracks and forgotten, just as we are forgotten. We are so blinded by our apathy, so fearful we can’t change anything, we don’t even try anymore. We have surrendered not only our freedoms, but the freedoms of others around us, and those who have yet to face this world.      
     There are many who have stood up, and paid the ultimate price, and how do we honor them? With a candle, once maybe twice a year. We go to the dollar store to pick out wax with a wick, and a Dixie cup candle, and somehow that is helping someone? It’s Not Enough! I’m outraged at how busy we have become! Too busy working, working for a job that could and probably would fire you just because you are Homosexual, or Transgender! Too busy rejecting the people we love, because “my parents are not ready to hear it.”      
     There is no time like the present to tell your family and friends what America is doing to you, to US. It only takes 15 minutes for hate to spread and lives to be lost. It only takes 15 minutes to take action, and get the railroad to freedom back on track. What sacrifices are you willing to make to ensure your equality?

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