Monday Nov 15th - A Night of Appreciation 7PM @ the GLBT Center.

     While TDOR is about remembering those we have lost to hate and discrimination, it is also about celebrating the people we have in our community who are making a positive impact. That is the reason for this event, presented by The Center, Come Out Orlando and Passage. We are now accepting nominations for appreciation. If you know someone making a difference in the Central Florida Transgender Community, please go to the "Contact Us" tab and send us:
Your name and contact info
The name and contact info of the person you are nominating
Why you want to nominate this person
Whether or not you would like to speak on behalf of this person/present them with a certificate on the day of the event.

Tuesday Nov 16th - Transgender Panel 8PM @ UCF HPA112
     As a part of the regular Equal at UCF meeting, Come Out Orlando along with a few transgender and allied individuals from the community will be participating in a panel on transgender issues.

Wednesday Nov 17th - Movie Night 6PM @ Valencia East

     Come Out Orlando in conjunction with the Valencia East GSA will be presenting Boys Don't Cry, FREE FOOD, a panel of local transgender people, and a candlelight vigil in remembrance of those we have lost.

Friday Nov 19th - Educational Outreach 12PM @ UCF Student Union

     Equal along with Come Out Orlando will be in front of the Student Union on Friday afternoon to try to reach out beyond just UCF's gay community to raise awareness about TDOR and our community. There will also be a staged event happening which requires as many volunteers as possible! If you are interested, please go to the "Contact Us" tab and let us know. Or attend the next regular Come Out Orlando meeting, Sundays 3:30PM at the GLBT Center. 

Saturday Nov 20th - Candlelight Vigil 8PM @ Lake Eola

    November 20th marks the recognized Transgender Day of Remembrance. After a week of educational events regarding transgender issues, we will remember those we have lost due to hate and ignorance by lighting a candle in their honor. May our candles light the way to a future where everyone can be themselves regardless of how they identify.

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