We at come out Orlando are always looking for new ways to help the community. We may not always have the resources, but we will always help you find the resources to help you with whatever  you need.

        -Do you know of someone who is discriminating based on gender identity/sexual orientation?

        -Are you coming out to your family/friends, and not sure how to do it?

        -Is your classroom, work, or organization looking for speakers to educate about the LGBT community?

          - Have you had a bad experience at your work, school, or hospital in which you feel you were mistreated mentally or physically? 



                   You can always help even if you think you can’t. Here are some ways you can help us bring equality to central florida.

-        Join Come Out Orlando and be apart of our organization. Everyone has a strength that they can bring to our group and help.

We need leaders, speakers, writers, photographers, students, professionals, LGBT, Allies, etc.

-        Donations: Travel costs, printing costs, website costs, events costs, as well as the other costs Your financial donations can help us afford to work towards equality.

-         Donations: Sometimes when people come out as transgender they do not have the financial means to begin their new lives. All wigs, binders, bras, clothes donated go towards helping those who are starting on their transition.


If you are would like to help us make a very visual statement for equality we need you! We are looking for volunteers to help out with our event for the Transgender Day of Remembrance at UCF on Nov 19th 12PM in front of the Student Union. Visit the Contact Us page and let us know you are interested, or attend a regular Come Out Orlando Meeting (Sundays 3:30PM at the GLBT Center). 
Come Out Orlando needs your stories! If you or someone you know is transgender and has had a memorable hospital experience (good or bad) we want to hear about it. What hospital did you go to? How were you treated? Did they have any prior knowledge of what transgender means? What, if anything, could have been done to make things smoother for you?

No names will be included - please submit your story via the "contact us" section of the website. Every contribution helps us to help you! 

:::::Paint YO SIGN PARTY/ Protest Briefing:::

WHEN: August 8th 11:00AM-1:00PM

WHERE: The GLBT Center in Orlando, 946 North Mills Ave.

WHY: Sign-making, and painting T-shirts, a short meeting regarding the protest, followed by assigned carpooling to winter park. Supplies for the signs, financial donations for gas money, supplies, etc, would be greatly appreciated.

If you are planning on meeting us at the protest, please read below for the address.


WHEN: August 8th 2010 at 1:45pm

WHERE:  First Christian Church, 1140 S. Lakemont Ave., Winter Park, FL 32792.

 DETAILS: Once at the protest, guest speakers will speak words of wisdom from their hearts. We have a great host of speakers attending this counter protest and the Angels from the Angel Action Network will also appear to block the N.O.M. protesters from our counter protest. We will be working in conjunction with a group, Stand Up Florida.

 We also will be offering candles for a vigil and for those who would like to kneel down and pray with us in a silent prayer for N.O.M.

We will finish the counter protest, with our backs facing N.O.M., singing "Amazing Grace."


This means:
     No stepping on church property, no throwing anything, no running through the anti gay crowds, no threats, and especially no verbal or physical violence of any kind, even if provoked.

We are showing them who we are, and we are all an example for the community.
Also remember, PROPOSITION 8 was recently struck down as it was declared "UNCONSTITUTIONAL"
August 4, 2010.


 We ask that everyone dress casually according to the weather conditions and please bring your signs and a small cooler for water as the afternoon temperatures rise.
“World Class” hospitals around the country, including:   
  Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles 
  Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami 
  MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston 
  Rush University Medical Center, Chicago   

have protections in place for their patients based on gender identity or expression. All three major hospital systems here in Central Florida, including: Florida Hospital, Health Central, and Orlando Health do NOT. How can they call themselves “world class” without these basic protections?  

What YOU can do!

Call in, and tell the President/CEO that the transgender community in Orlando deserves the same protections as everyone else:  

President/CEO, Florida Hospital: Lars Houmann (407) 303-1531   
President/CEO, Health Central: Richard Irwin (407) 296-1820   
President/CEO, Orlando Health: John Hillenmeyer (407) 841-5203     

After you call, leave us a comment here, or on our Facebook event and tell us how it went!