We at come out Orlando are always looking for new ways to help the community. We may not always have the resources, but we will always help you find the resources to help you with whatever  you need.

        -Do you know of someone who is discriminating based on gender identity/sexual orientation?

        -Are you coming out to your family/friends, and not sure how to do it?

        -Is your classroom, work, or organization looking for speakers to educate about the LGBT community?

          - Have you had a bad experience at your work, school, or hospital in which you feel you were mistreated mentally or physically? 



                   You can always help even if you think you can’t. Here are some ways you can help us bring equality to central florida.

-        Join Come Out Orlando and be apart of our organization. Everyone has a strength that they can bring to our group and help.

We need leaders, speakers, writers, photographers, students, professionals, LGBT, Allies, etc.

-        Donations: Travel costs, printing costs, website costs, events costs, as well as the other costs Your financial donations can help us afford to work towards equality.

-         Donations: Sometimes when people come out as transgender they do not have the financial means to begin their new lives. All wigs, binders, bras, clothes donated go towards helping those who are starting on their transition.


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